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Marketing Yourself as the Avon Lady in Town

avon-lady Are you an Avon Representative or thinking about becoming one but not quite sure how to get your name out there that you sell? Perhaps you’re looking for ideas to help you get your name out there more and get more customers. Well I am here to give you some tips and suggestions that will help you get your name out as THE AVON LADY IN TOWN.

For Small Budgets

Many Avon reps just starting out don’t have the extra funds to purchase a lot of marketing materials or even have access to a printer to print homemade marketing materials. That’s okay. You’re in business to start making money and eventually you WILL be able to invest in your business. For now though (and always) your biggest marketing tool is your Avon Brochures. As a matter of fact, they are your STORE. Think about this, whenever you hand someone an Avon Brochure, you are handing them access to your store. It’s like having your very own mobile, compact store, readily available for your customers to purchase from.

Labeling your brochures

One of the questions many new reps have is, what is the best way to label their brochures. The answer to that depends on your budget as well as the time you’re willing to invest every campaign to label each brochure.

My personal preferred method is stamping. I purchased a stamp from for about $23 and for me it is the easiest and fastest method. I’m all about efficiency and this method works the best for me. I just line my brochures up and stamp a way. It’s also a great way to get younger kids to help you label your brochures. They love to stamp! (Yes, I’ve had a few crooked labels due to having kids help me, but my customers love that a little one helping is me grow my business!)

The next method I recommend is hand writing your information on your brochures. I recommend hand-writing over labels due to the cost of the labels and the cost of printing them. With that being said, however, you can purchase 3000 labels on Amazon for about $12 currently. So, if you have a printer and prefer labeling over stamping, this would be the way to go.

Now that we’ve gotten labeling brochures out of the way, here are a few tips to help you get brochures into the hands of potential new customers who want to buy what you have to sell.

1. Always, always, always have current brochures on hand wherever you go. Be sure that your name, phone number and eStore link is on all your brochures. Never ever, EVER hand out a brochure without your info on it. Use your Avon bag you got in your kit when you signed up. It’s free and says AVON on it. If you can afford a different bag, or perhaps you’ve earned an Avon bag as an incentive from Avon or your DSM or up line, use that. When people see it, they may stop and ask you for a brochure!

2. When you go through the check out lane at the grocery store, ask the cashier if she (or he) has seen an Avon brochure recently. If they have not, then offer them one. And the most important thing to do is GET THEIR NAME AND NUMBER, and let them know you’re going to call them before you put your next order in. Often they will just jot it down on the back of the receipt.

3. Go to all the small businesses in your town and ask if you can leave brochures there. You can leave brochures for customers to look as well as for the people who work there. Then call or go back before you submit you order each campaign. If you don’t get any orders for a campaign, be sure to take new brochures though.

4. Salons are a great place to leave brochures.

5. Depending on where you live, you may be able to put an Avon box in your yard. I live in a small town, on a corner lot, with a middle school just down the road. I picked up a mail box from a garage sale for $5, painted it black with bright pink letters that say “Avon Books” on one side and “Free Brochures” on the other. I’ve gotten MANY new customers from this!

Other Ways to Market Yourself as the AVON Lady in Town

1. Get a decal for your car. You can order them from Town & Country on, from or from Avon Signs and Decals on Facebook. As you buzz around town people will see your decal and if they are looking for an Avon lady, you may just get a call.

2. Put a sign in your yard or in your window if allowed. Again, this will depend on where you live, but if you can, do it!

3. Get involved in Social Media, such as Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. Be sure Avon is on your Facebook profile. Pin images from your personal eStore on Pinterest and be sure to put your link in the comments. Connect your Facebook and Twitter profiles so that when you  update your status on Facebook, it ‘tweet’s on Twitter.

4. Set up a free blog using or Start blogging about Avon products and  recruiting. Connect your blogs to all your social media accounts. Share links to blog posts on Facebook and Pin images from your blog to Pinterest. Be sure your blog always links back to your Avon eStore. Be sure not to use the word AVON in the link to your blog when setting it up.

5. Create a Facebook “Fan Page” for your Avon business. Invite all your Facebook friends to “like” it. Join direct sales groups on Facebook and invite others to like it as well. Also, be sure to post free shipping codes, new product images and such on a regular basis. Once or twice daily is good.

When it comes to getting your name out as the Avon Lady in Town, be creative. Think outside the box. Leave a brochure and some samples with the waitress when you eat out. I usually write on the back of my business card, “Thanks for your great service” and tuck some samples in a brochure and leave it on the table. If she’s really good and you want to recruit her, GET HER NAME AND NUMBER.

Make it a habit to talk to at least 3 new people a day about Avon. Set your goals each campaign to gain 3 new customers or more. And always FOLLOW UP, FOLLOW UP, FOLLOW UP.

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