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Avon Tail-gating and Events

I’ve been selling Avon for over 5 and a half years now and have done many vendor events as well as tail-gating (aka trunk) events. I wanted to share with you some of the ideas that I’ve used, and how I’ve “perfected” them over time.

Preparing for a Vendor Event

Of course before you head out the door to a vendor event, you will want to do some preparation ahead of time. It’s best to have at least one campaign to prepare, but 2 or more is better because you can order an ample supply of samples, brochures and products to have on hand. I have done last minute events, and because I do stock up on product by taking advantage of bundle offers and super-earner offers in the What’s New, I can typically throw together a nice table display in a couple of hours. I do have 2 AVON table runners on hand and some black sheets to go underneath the runners. I also have the black mirrored boxes which my up-line earned as an incentive, which she lets me use (because hello, I helped her earn them…lol).

The length of the vendor event you’re doing is also a factor in how many supplies, like samples and brochures, you need to have on hand. I just did a 3 hour event, and handed out TONS of samples and brochures. I had well over 100 brochures prepared and almost ran out. And I put a huge dent in the amount of samples I had on hand, which is a good problem to have! So, if you’re doing something like a fair, which is a week long or more, you need to have LOTS of samples and brochures! I’ve done our county fair several times, and we are a small, rural town, and between my up-line and I we gave out well over 1,000 brochures. If you don’t have samples, that’s okay! Use what you’ve got! If you don’t have product on hand to sell, that’s okay too! Just be sure you have LOTS of brochures!

For the 3 hour event I just did, I wanted to feature the latest fragrance, So Very Sofia, so I ordered the level one from the What’s New, which comes with 5 fragrance sets plus one free, and some samples. The tier display, I got at Hobby Lobby on sale for like $8!!! I always watch for cute displays on sale! I used the free set as a tester. Most people loved the scent, although I didn’t sell any sets at this event.


I also had several Attraction for Him and for Her on hand, so I wanted to feature that as well.

I used the mirrored boxes for that, as you can see in the photo. I had testers of each fragrance and made sure I displayed the bottles as they were designed to fit together. I did sell 4 bottles of Attraction for Her at this event at a reduced price. (I’ve had these on hand for a while and wanted to move them, so I sold them just above my cost.)

If you’re just starting out in Avon, you can pick one item or set to display or demo, then take orders at the event.

Setting Up at a Vendor Event

I like to do a practice run at home before setting up for an event. I have a 6 foot folding table, so I set it up in my living room and lay things out so I can visualize my display. I didn’t do that for this last event, but I did set up my baskets ahead of time for the most part. Here is a picture of the table at the event.


I had a helper at this event, which is HUGE! My son’s girlfriend was a HUGE help in creating some of the displays, helping me set everything up and even talking to people and handing out samples and brochures.

She was also a huge help with carrying everything in! This is probably the most difficult part of setting up for a vendor event. I have most of my product already in baskets or totes, so having a cart or wagon to tote your products in will make this part of the job so much easier. For this event, I didn’t have a cart or wagon. 🙁 Unloading was easy because the venue had 2 carts we could use, but when we went to load back up after the event, we had to make several trips to the car, which was no fun because we had been standing for 3 hours already! Ugh! I had ordered a rolling makeup cart before the event, but it didn’t arrive in time! It has since arrived, and I can’t wait to take it to my next event or tail-gating! Here are some images of my new cart. You can get it on Amazon here: .

rollingcart2 rolllingcart4 rollingcart5 rollingcart1 rollingcart6

I also just ordered 2 of these

I always have Skin So Soft bath oil and the large size lotion on hand as well as the Moisture Therapy bonus size lotion on hand, along with other bath and body sets, and fragrance sets.  I thought these would come in handy with toting those items as well.

Pricing is Important

One of the biggest tips I can give, is make sure everything is clearly priced. When I first started doing vendor events, I didn’t have prices displayed. I thought people would ask if they were interested in something. But no. They don’t. Most don’t anyway. And if you have prices displayed, people are more enticed to buy something, especially when they see how reasonable Avon products are!

Speaking of prices, one of the questions I often get asked is, “how do you price your products?” I prefer to round up or down from brochure price. For example, if something is in the brochure is $5.99, I sell it for $6. Or I might even sell it 2 for $10 or 1 for $6. This way they get a little bit of a deal and I even call it an EVENT SPECIAL, or something along those lines. If I’m trying to move something I’ve had on hand for a while, I will lower the price even more, as in the example of the Attraction above. And I don’t mind selling something at a lower price, because if they love it, they will come back for more and buy it at regular brochure price. Of course, how you decide to price is up to you and where you are in your business.

Accept Different Forms of Payment to Increase Sales

As you can see in the photo of my table display above, I have a sign that says I accept credit/debit cards. I use the Square card reader from Yes, they take a small percentage, but it makes it convenient for my customers to pay. I also choose to accept checks. Most people at vendor events come prepared with cash, but I have found that they will make larger purchases using their credit/debit card or if they can write a check. I have not had any checks bounce yet!

Working your Table or Booth

I can’t stress enough how important it is to “work” your table or booth! This will make a huge difference in sales as well as how many brochures and/or samples you hand out. Don’t just sit there. Some events are slower, and you may have a chance to sit for a few minutes, and some will be more crowded with non-stop people visiting your table or booth. I prefer the latter. Yes, I get tired, especially if the event is longer than 3 hours or so, but I find I get more sales when I engage with the people. I am not pushy, but I also let them know I am there to help them. I say “hello, how are you this evening. Please let me know if you have any questions. Also, feel free to take an Avon brochure and some free samples. I’m also having a drawing for <insert whatever you’re having a drawing for here>.: (I will explain more on this below). And then let them be. If they pick up an item, I announce the price or that they’re on sale for such and such a price.

Have a Drawing at Your Table

Even if you don’t have product to give away, you will want to have some way to gather names and contact info. If you got something free as part of an incentive or bundle, you can give that away. Or you can have a game. Have a spinning wheel where they get a small discount on their purchase or order, but they have to give you their name and contact info to play. Or make up coupons that they can draw out of a basket or box, but they have to give their contact info first. There’s lots of ways to get contact info! Use your imagination and creativity or look ideas up on Pinterest.


Tail-gating is a little bit different in that you will be outside, selling from the back of your car, or you may choose to set up a small table. Tail-gating can be done in various places and you may choose to sell product or just hand out brochures and samples, or just prospect for new team members. I find on of the best ways to attract people to your car is to have a sign that says FREE AVON. You can make up little sample packs to hand out which are FREE, therefore justifying your sign. Put a lipstick sample, a fragrance sample and a skincare sample in small snack size baggies, along with your business card. You can use the Clear Literature bags instead and put your brochure in with the samples, which is what I prefer. If you do choose to hand out just samples, be sure your contact info is on each one. Never, ever hand out a sample or brochure without some form of contact info. If you’re prospecting for new team members, include a recruiting flyer in with your samples or brochures.

If you’re selling product at your tail-gating events, again, try to have prices on your products. Your displays don’t have to be as fancy as vendor events, but they should still look organized. I use small plastic totes to hold like items or sets in and set those out on my tail-gate or table. Make it easy for your customers to see what you’re selling, as well as for you. No one wants to dig through totes to find something, and most often they don’t know what they’re looking for…..they just want a deal! So again, pricing is important. Sell at or a little below brochure price if you can, and use tail-gating events to move product you’ve had on hand for a while or have an abundance of.

If you have any questions about vendor events, tail-gating or just selling Avon, hit me up! I’m happy to help if I can.

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