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The Best Bug Repellant for Ticks, Fleas and Mosquitos

 It is tick, flea and bug season! And the ticks are out in full force this year, in Northern Michigan anyway. Most bugs and things don’t freak me out unless I don’t know if they will hurt me or not, or if I DO know that they will hurt me. Like a bee buzzing around me doesn’t freak me out too much because I know if I stay still it probably won’t hurt me. Most spiders freak me out a little, though, because I’m not sure which ones will hurt me and which ones won’t. However, I have held a tarantula before! It was a friend of mine’s pet. Yep! So, I let it crawl up my arm. I’ve held a few snakes in my lifetime too, that belonged to other people, so I felt pretty safe holding them. But I digress.

Back to ticks and bugs. Ticks freak me out because they are sneaky little boogers. They can get in your clothing and then on your body and under your skin and you not even know it! My mom had one on her neck, and her dental hygienist saw it and removed it!!! Apparently she got it when she was out visiting my brother. He lives out in the country, in an old hay field. Freaky!

One time I’ll never forget is when we went camping with my daughter, her husband and kids and a friend of ours. It was Memorial Weekend a few years ago. It was hot that summer (it has been known to be cold or cool on Memorial Day in Northern Michigan), and we set up camp under some big maple trees, I think, or maybe they were pine, I don’t remember that part of it, lol. We were sitting under the trees for shade, and ticks were literally falling off the trees onto us!!! I was so freaked out. We only stayed one night there because the ticks were so bad. To this day we call that experience, “the tick infested camping trip”.

Well anyway, tick, flea and bug season is upon us, so be sure to protect yourself, your family and your animals against these lovely creatures. Get your Skin So Soft Insect repellants and Skin So Soft bath oils at

For your fur babies, mix 1 part SSS to 5 parts water in a spray bottle to keep fleas and ticks away.  For horses, mix half SSS and half water in a spray bottle to keep flies away. 

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