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How to Make Money with Avon

I’ve been with Avon for over 4 years now and in that time I’ve made some pretty decent money through sales as well as leadership. The term leadership in Avon means that you have at least 1 person on your team (aka in your down line). In other words, As soon as you recruit your first team member, you are considered a leadership representative.

Currently, I am a Rose Circle Member (which means I’ve sold over $37,000 since Campaign 8 of 2014) and an Advanced Unit Leader. At the time of this writing, I have 134 in my down line (3 generations) and 2 Unit Leaders.

Making Money Through Sales in Avon

Now that I’ve told you a little bit about myself and my sales level in Avon, I’ll explain what that means in terms of profit.

When you first become an Avon Representative, you have the potential to EARN up to 50% profit on your sales. Earnings are based on the size of your total order when you submit your order to Avon each campaign. Add-on orders and online sales are also calculated in to your total sales each campaign and can affect your total “award sales” for the campaign. (Award Sales are what Avon uses to determine your earnings, rewards and prizes). You will earn anywhere from 20% to 50% on your sales as long and your order is at least $50. The higher your sales, the more you will earn. Keep in mind that there are core Avon products that you have the potential to earn up to 50% on, and there are fixed earnings products (such as licensed products, clothes, handbags, shoes, and household items) that are always at 20% earnings (25% earnings for President’s Club and above members).

Okay, so let’s put this into a real life scenario.


Avon Starter Kit

Say you’re just starting out as an Avon Rep. You just got your starter kit in the mail. You tell all your friends and family that you’re now an Avon Rep. Your Mom wants to support your new business so she places a $35 order with you which contains all her favorite makeup and a bottle of Skin So Soft. Since all the products are core Avon products, your profit on her sale alone is $7.

Now, the word spreads that you sell Avon to more family members and friends, and your total sales are at $350. (example: 10 orders at $35 each in core Avon products) So now, you’re at the 35% earnings level so your profit is $122.50. Could you use an extra $120 every 2 weeks? This is totally do-able!!! (In a future post, I will talk about how to find new customers and market yourself as the Avon Lady in Town).

Obviously, the goal is to have more orders and higher sales, which means higher profits and more money, and that will come with consistency, determination and drive.

How You Get Paid on Your Sales

As an Independent Avon Representative, you pay yourself from the money you collect on your customer’s orders. So, for example, when your mom places her order with you, you will collect the $35 plus tax and $0.75 shipping and handling fee. Do this for each customer who places an order. Place the money or checks in a special envelope or money bag until you’re ready to place your order with Avon. Once you submit your order, you will get an invoice from Avon for your cost of the products, plus tax and shipping/handling (which Avon calls a One Simple Fee). Pay Avon the amount you owe them, then what’s left is your profit. (You may want to set aside 10% of your profit to put toward demos, brochures and samples for your next order).

How to Make Money with Leadership in Avon

Now that we’ve touched on sales, let’s talk about how to make money with Leadership.

As soon as you submit the online contract to Avon (or sign up face to face with an Avon Rep) you begin your journey with sales and Leadership. This means that your leadership clock starts and you have a limited time to reach your first goals.

Make Money While You Grow Your Team

With the Avon Jump Start Program, you will earn $25 for each new team member you add to your team. (They must place a first order of $50 or more on time and pay for it on time). You will earn this as long as you continue to grow your team and until you reach the title of Advanced Unit Leader.

Make Money By Advancing Title

As you grow your team, your first goal is Unit Leader. When you become an Unit Leader and do it in a specified time frame, you will receive a cash award (usually in the form of a check or direct deposit). Currently the award for making Unit Leader is $100. What could you do with an extra $100??? Not only that, as Unit Leader you will also begin earning from your team’s sales! So in addition to the $100 cash bonus, you will begin receiving little blue checks in the mail!

As you continue to grow your down line and as your team’s sales continue to grow your next goal is Unit Leader Plus. When you make Unit Leader Plus within a certain time frame, you will receive a $150 reward and a higher percentage on your team’s sales.

The bonuses just keep getting better as you continue building your business, growing your down line and advancing title.

If you’re ready to start your own business as an Independent Avon Representative (did I mention you get to set your own hours and be your own boss?!) CLICK HERE! You won’t regret it! One Click could change your life forever!

Avon Reserves the right to change their programs, earning levels, bonuses, rewards and prizes at any time. The above scenarios, earnings levels and bonuses are based on the programs currently in place at the time of this writing.

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