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Reasons to Join Avon!

Join the Avon Sisterhood November 30, 2010 is a day I will never forget. It is the day I decided to join Avon! The reason I joined was so that I could get a discount on gifts for Christmas for my family. With 4 grandkids, 4 kids and various nieces and nephews, not to mention my hubby and mom, I was looking for a good way to save money on Christmas gifts. When my friend first asked me if I wanted to sell Avon, I said no. I had been in another direct sales company before and while I did okay with it, it was difficult to keep up the momentum of having 2 or 3 parties every week. However, when my friend told me that she already had 24 people on her team (she had just started her Avon business in September 2010), I was really impressed! Then when she told me you don’t have to have parties with Avon, and that I would get anywhere from 20 to 50% discount on items I purchased for myself, I decided to say YES to Avon!

Now, almost 5 years later, I have a team of my own with over 80 representatives and I’m selling at the Rose Circle level. That means I am guaranteed 45% earning on my sales no matter the size of my order, as well as many other benefits!

There are many other reasons to join Avon, including:

  1. The cost to join is very reasonable. It’s only $15! There’s no large investment for inventory or stock. $15 and your in business!
  2. You will earn 20 to 50% on your sales, based on the size of your order, as long as your order is at least $50.
  3. You will get 20 to 50% discount on items you purchase for yourself. When you shop from yourself, you will not only save money, but you will also be investing back into your own business. Avon has just about all the personal use products you need from shower gel and body wash, lotion, makeup, skin care, deodorant, hair care, fragrances, slippers, on trend fashion, home goods, fashion, toys and accessories for kids, gadgets, fragrances, and accessories for men, and much more!
  4. You can sell anywhere in the US! No territories or boundaries.
  5. You get a free website to sell and earn from. When you sign up to become an Avon representative you get a free website with your  own personal link and can start sharing your link immediately. You also get free web tools to use to help you promote your website. You earn 20% commission on sales from your website and Avon ships the orders directly to your customers for you. No fuss, no muss.
  6. No weekly parties, quotas or requirements to grow your business. You sell from the brochures by getting them out to your family, friends, co-workers, clubs and organizations you belong to, church, doctors offices, dentist offices, insurance company, and other businesses you go to in your daily routine. You can find many other fun and creative ways to market yourself as the Avon lady (or man) in town! The more you get the word out that you’re the Avon person in town, the more new customers you will find and your business will grow.
  7. When you share the Avon opportunity with others and help them start and grow their business, Avon will reward you with cash bonuses and other great prizes, like trips, electronics and even cars!
  8. Selling Avon is simple! Avon has been in business for almost 130 years! Most people have heard of Avon and many even have a grandma, aunt or mom that used to sell it. Our brands like Skin So Soft, Imari and Mezmerize are household names. Those who may not have heard of it yet, or haven’t seen a brochure in a while, are in for a real treat when you show them the awesome products we now carry. It ain’t your grandma’s Avon anymore. We’re on-trend, contemporary and fashionable.
  9. When you join Avon, you’re in business for yourself! YOU get to determine the hours you want to work. YOU are in control of your schedule. YOU get to decide if you’re going to work your business that day or not. YOU get to work your schedule around your family time and activities. YOU get to determine when you need a raise. YOU get to set your own goals for yourself, your business and the type of lifestyle you want to have.
  10. When you join Avon, you’re becoming part of something larger. You’re doing something significant in your life. You’re becoming part of the Avon Sisterhood. Why not get started today and start building the life you want to have.

If you’re ready to say Yes to Avon and join the Avon Sisterhood, click here. 

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