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Take Baby Steps Toward Self-Improvement

Are you ready to make some changes in your life?
Are you sick of the same-old, same-old?
It’s not easy to break old habits, but old habits must be broken in order to move forward. You must start by taking baby steps.

Boy (14-16 months) climbing stone stairway, rear view

Boy (14-16 months) climbing stone stairway, rear view

You might need to start a budget, or get better at sticking to your budget. But you also want to quit smoking, and lose weight. You want to spend more time working on your Avon business, but you also want to schedule yourself better to give you more balance in your life.
You can’t change everything all at once, but you can take baby steps.

Start with one thing, and work on it until you’ve got a good handle on it. For instance, work on your budget and focus on that first. Then once you’ve got a good handle on that, then begin working on another area of your life you want to change, focus on just that until you’ve got a good handle on it, then start working on another area.

Once you overcome an area in your life you’ve struggled with for a long time, you’ll have more confidence and strength to work on the other areas that you wish to improve upon. Obviously, some areas will be easier to change than others, so start with the easiest first. For instance, sticking to your budget might be easier for you than losing weight, so start with that, conquer that area of your life first. You may need to write down all the areas you’d like to improve upon then prioritize them easiest to more difficult.

As you grow in confidence, you may realize you are able to work on more than one area of self-improvement at a time. This is great, but remember to not overwhelm yourself with trying to overcome everything at once and set yourself up for failure. If you find this happening, take a step back and get your focus back on just one or two areas that need improving.

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